Deleting files from mounted WIM images

In the past week I have been in my "lab" testing out WDS, AIK, SIM, and the included tools.  Everything has gone quite well and the documentation has been good especially for SIM.  WDS is really pretty simple to use and I like that Mixed Mode is available if you would like to retain RIS images.  I'm just getting in to adding drivers to images and other more complex operations.

I ran in to a strange issue where I could not delete files from a mounted image while using explorer.  The issue does not exist when I delete from the command line.  Turns out this is well known and was blogged by one of our testers over a year ago.  It is due to Explorer moving files to the recycle bin rather than actually using the "delete" action.  According to the post the wimfltr does not support the "move" action.  Good to know!

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  1. Patriot says:

    Brilliant! This had been pissing me off for weeks. Your explanation makes perfect sense, in retrospect: the wimgapi filter doesn’t support "move", but it does support "delete". Of course, "deleting" files in Explorer really moves them to the Recycle Bin, which is why deleting files from mounted WIMs fails.

    The simple workaround for this is to hold the shift key when you delete files/directories. Doing so bypasses the Recycle Bin move and deletes the files/directories immediately.

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