Life with the Q, Q1, and Zen:M

I'm feeling pretty good about the devices I'm carrying these days.

I've had the Verizon Moto Q for about a month and I'm now doing most of my Email reading, RSS reading, and quick Email organization and responses from my phone. I also use my phone more than ever when out and about to find things and places via Windows Live mobile. It boggles my mind how many people have no idea these services are available.

I received my Samsung Q1 last week and am just getting time to really set things up. This type of device fits in a category all it's own, much like a Media Center. I can see devices getting smaller while displays become larger, this is generation one. It's quite an experience to carry something so portable. Much more on this device later (btw, IMHO it should not inspire comparisons to tablets, laptops, or CE devices...).

Finally, I am pretty amped to see what Zune delivers but at the same time I love my Creative Zen:M. Together with WMP11, Urge, and my MCE (media center edition) I have all the music and video I can carry. I admit this device bares striking similarities to it's competitor but the services available when you complete it with a well-armed MCE make it unbeatable.

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