Pen based technology in Education

In the past couple of days I’ve discovered several cool things going on at Purdue. The first was Boilercasting, the second was WIPTE or Workshop on the Impact of Pen-based Technology on Education (I appreciate that the syllable count is on par with some Microsoft product names). This looks like a great event based on the community blog generated by attendees. It’s great to see a major University get aggressive about new tech!

I spoke at a very similar conference at the University of Michigan several weeks ago. I am very interested in the pedagogical value of ubiquitous computing. In other words, how are professors using Tablets, phones, PowerPoint, OneNote, podcasting, blogs, wikis, and other technology to assist student learning without forcing it. Integrating new tools to help students access material and consume it in a way that works for them.

I met one professor that types only a baseline on each PowerPoint slide and then literally covers each with notes during lecture. Another records the entire lecture with notes and posts it for download, the students are expected to have watched the lecture online in the same way they would do out of class reading so they will prepared for work problems when they get to class.

If you know of or are a part of such an experience, leave a comment!

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