Good RMS questions

Received a few good questions today on Rights Managemet Server:

Does RMS work with PDF?

RMS works with a defined set of applications out of the box but can be extended.  We have several partners that provide value-add including Adobe Reader. The RMS site includes a list of partners such as Liquid Machines who offers Adobe Reader support.  In the Vista and Office 2007 time frame XPS will solve this problem and many others.

Do permissions need to be applied to both the document and the message if your are sending via Email?

Permissions apply to the object type so document permissions are things like modification of the document, printing, and copy/paste while message permissions are things like do not forward or reply to all.  There is some overlap so I can see how this could be confusing.  The answer is yes, to be clear - a protected message can include unprotected attachments.  Once a document is protected you can send it or copy it and the protection stays intact.

How do I recover after an employee has been terminated that owned protected files?

There is an admintsrative group in RMS named Super Users.  By default no accounts are a member of the group including administrator.  This group can be used to recover files in scenarios such as employee termination.

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