How Microsoft solutions can benefit educators

Webinars are now available to help educators understand how to leverage Microsoft software in the classroom and to make schools more efficient.

Topics include -

  • Microsoft vision for collaboration in education: How to improve the learning and administrative processes in your school or university

  • Facilitate learning environments with an integrated solutions platform for information sharing that connects students, faculty, and staff with information and processes

  • Streamline the collection and processing of academic data with Microsoft InfoPath® 2003, a powerful electronic forms application

  • The Microsoft student and teacher desktop

  • Unleash your potential with Microsoft OneNote and Tablet PC

  • Improve district or campus project management effectiveness with Microsoft enterprise project management (EPM) solutions

Best of all the webinars are available for download individually or in bulk for offline viewing, if you don't have a reliable Internet connection you can order the webinars on CD at no cost.

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