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First off, I’m happy to have written this while on a plane.  I'm posting now that I'm in the Detroit airport - using my phone as a modem.

One of my peers recently built a PowerPoint deck that focuses on all the solutions we literally give away that are valuable to education.  The resulting list is longer than you might expect.  In the last year we have made significant investments in education including Microsoft Student (not free, but very cool).  The following list comes from the slide deck I mentioned plus I added a few.  The sort order starts with things focused directly on education and ends with free tools that benefit customers in education.

Windows Live @ EDU

Education Pack for Tablet PC

Shared Computer Toolkit

Learning Essentials for Office

Sharepoint Web Parts and Site Templates for Teachers/Classrooms

Office Templates for Education

Calculator Plus

Windows Movie Maker



Windows Live Safety

Windows Defender

Desktop Search

MSN Messenger

MSN Spaces

Virtual Server Enterprise

TechNet Virtual Labs

Visual Studio Express

SQL Express

Office Live Basic

Online training for developers and users

Office Viewers, Office resources such as ClipArt, PowerToys, Windows Mobile Add-Ins, TabletPC Add-Ins, Migration Tools, and on and on..  Feel free to add more through comments!

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  1. noela says:

    Hi, do you know what happened to Producer in Office 2007? I found it really useful for training purposes. I’ve just upgraded to Win Vista and Office 2007, and couldn’t install Producer. It seems to be incompatibilities both with Vista and with Powerpoint 2007.


  2. That’s correct.  Unfortunately Producer has been retired for Office 2007.  Many of us were sad to see that happen.  There are some tools out there which can provide similar functionalty (at a cost).  You could also provide SOME of the functionality by saving slides to images and using Movie Maker to create a narrated video but if you have been using Producer you’ll note the obvious difference of only being a video as opposed to a more elloquent web page.  Just FYI – I am submitting your feedback to the Silverlight team.

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