Extending our commitment to help U.S. Veterans find employment

Returning U.S. veterans face major challenges finding civilian employment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics October unemployment report showed that the unemployment rate among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans was 12.1 percent compared with 8.4 percent for nonveterans. A year ago we announced a program aimed at addressing that issue, the Elevate America Veterans initiative. It’s…

Stories from the front lines: Elevate America veterans

Memorial Day in the United States is a time when we honor and remember the men and women who have bravely served in the U.S. armed forces.  We thought it would be appropriate to share a few stories about how some U.S. veterans and their families are making the transition from military to civilian life….


Hiring America’s Heroes

By Pamela Passman, Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft Senator Patty Murray, Chair of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee (D-WA), is to be commended for introducing the Hiring Heroes Act (S. 951) this week. It is important legislation designed to help American veterans translate their skills into language US employers can understand. Sen….