Inspiring the Next Generation of Women in Technology

By Kari Sherrodd, senior manager, Citizenship and Public Affairs

March 8 is International Women’s Day, a global day since the early 1900’s to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. Microsoft is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day across our offices around the world. Microsoft News Center also shares the stories of five inspiring women from Microsoft, and how they hope to motivate and encourage more girls to explore careers in technology.

As part of the Microsoft YouthSpark initiative to create opportunities for young people through education, employment and entrepreneurship, Microsoft hopes to inspire and empower more girls to realize their potential and follow their dreams. To learn more about International Women’s Day, visit

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  1. Madison Bannon says:

    I am impressed with new initiatives to actually get your hands dirty! Many tech companies give a lot of money-and money IS great- to non-profits but that (wo)man power can be even more powerful! I know the Girl Scouts right here in the Seattle area is always looking for professional women to join the volunteer ranks. I can connect anyone who is interested in getting involved! There are lots of other organizations too that see many girls ages 5-18 but often dont see women in tech as mentors and leaders.

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