Reunion with a Purpose Honors Microsoft Alumni Making a Difference

By Karen Bergin, Director, Citizenship and Public Affairs 

Microsoft’s Chief People Officer Lisa Brummel recently reflected upon the energy and passion Microsoft employees dedicate to helping people less fortunate in communities at home and around the world. This dedication to giving is core to Microsoft’s culture and, even as some employees move on, it remains central to their lives.

Through its Integral Fellows Awards program, the Microsoft Alumni Foundation honors those alumni who’ve gone on to make a meaningful difference in the daily lives of others through philanthropy and nonprofit work. At its fifth annual celebration this past November 1, the foundation announced the 2013 fellows.

A mix of Microsoft alumni and current Microsoft executives attended the 5th annual Reunion with a Purpose. From left to right: Jeff Raikes, Brad Smith, Ida Cole, Hadi Partovi, Marylou Brannan, Suzi LeVine, and Lisa Brummel. Photo by Randell Walton Photography

“As a member of the Microsoft alumni community, I witness firsthand the energy, business savvy, and creativity that my peers bring to the philanthropy world,” said Jeff Raikes, chairman of the board, Microsoft Alumni Foundation, and CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. “This year’s Integral Fellows Award winners, Ida Cole of Seattle Theatre Group, and Hadi Partovi of, represent some of the best examples of Microsoft alumni tackling big problems and striving to make a difference in the world.”

Ida Cole, who served as director of international products and marketing and vice president of applications at Microsoft, created the Seattle Theatre Group with the vision of saving a beloved historic landmark. Eventually, she transformed the theater into the largest cultural institution in King County and a model for cultural innovation other cities emulate.

Once general manager for Microsoft, Hadi Partovi now leads the charge to create a strong, widely implemented computer science curriculum as founder and chief executive officer of With 10,000 schools interested in a 21st century computer science curriculum and 25,000 software engineers who have volunteered to help create one, Hadi advances towards his vision to give all American students the opportunity to write their own code.’s dedication to growing computer science education is shared by Microsoft. This past October 14 we joined in announcing a nationwide campaign urging schools, teachers, and parents across the country to participate in the “Hour of Code” initiative. Held during Computer Science Education Week (December 9 – 15), this initiative will help introduce more than 10 million students to computer programming and the exciting careers of the future.

“Five years ago we introduced the Integral Fellows Award to recognize and support the alumni whose post-Microsoft pursuits are dedicated to improving their communities, whether on a local scale or global,” said Marylou Brannan, Microsoft Alumni Foundation executive director. “It is a joy to gather together at our annual ‘Reunion with a Purpose’ with the award winners and nominees, fellow alumni and friends to reaffirm our commitment to changing lives and making a positive difference in the world.”

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