Microsoft Joins “Hour of Code” Initiative

By Dan Sytman, senior manager, Citizenship and Public Affairs

In a post on The Official Microsoft Blog, Microsoft General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Legal & Corporate Affairs Brad Smith announced today that Microsoft has joined in a nationwide campaign encouraging schools, teachers and parents to participate in the “Hour of Code” Initiative. Held during Computer Science Education Week (December 9 –15), this initiative will help introduce more than 10 million students to computer programming and the exciting careers of the future.

Providing youth with greater access to education — particularly in the areas of computer science and STEM — is a key part of our YouthSpark initiative, which includes our own programs such as TEALS and partnerships with nonprofit organizations, including To learn more about our involvement with, read Brad Smith’s post on The Official Microsoft Blog.

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  1. Mike Horton says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea.  I've blogged about some of the things that my 12 year old daughter has learned while learning to code, math, physics, logic, etc.  Find it here:…/learning-to-code-and-coding-to-learn.html

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