Good Read from NetHope: Office 365, the Cloud and Nonprofits in the Developing World

By Karen Bergin, Director of Citizenship and Public Affairs

On Tuesday, Microsoft launched Office 365 for Nonprofits as a worldwide donation program.

Frank Schott, interim president and executive director of NetHope, believes cloud solutions offer a specific set of benefits to nonprofits and NGOs who work primarily in the developing world. NetHope works with 39 leading international humanitarian organizations so that the best information communication technology and practices can be used to serve people in the developing world.

You can read Frank’s full post on the NetHope blog, an excerpt from which is below:

“For many years, it was thought that cloud solutions were out of reach for those working in the developing world. Because many organizations lack the basic connectivity that users would need to access their applications and data, it seemed improbable that it would catch on quickly. However, I’ve been struck by how quickly various innovations are coming together simultaneously making cloud solutions well within reach – and highly desirable – for most organizations working in the developing world today.”

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