The world is counting on (YOU)th and your vote!


There are only three days left to vote in the Microsoft Give for Youth Challenge, presented in partnership with GOOD. You can vote for one of 129 youth efforts here and don’t forget to check your email and click-to-confirm to complete the process.

Your vote will help 20 nonprofits move on to Phase 3 of the contest, where they’ll feature their projects on the Give for Youth micro-funding platform and get a chance at $100,000 in matching funds from Microsoft.

Check out below a random selection of micro-projects from the contest. And make sure to VOTE!

Inspire Girls Now in Technology Evolution (IGNITE)

Who does it serve? Young girls of all backgrounds.

What does it do? IGNITE connects girls with women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) industries to serve as role models and mentors.

In their own words: “The purpose of IGNITE is to inspire girls of all backgrounds to envision themselves as leaders in STEM and to empower them to make that vision a reality.”


Empowered Youth

Who does it serve? Inner-city, at-risk boys between the ages of 12 and 19, most of whom have been court-ordered to our program.

What does it do? Provides life skills/character development, mentoring, tutoring. Provides opportunities for jobs and entrepreneurship training.

In their own words: “Born into poverty, fatherless families, violent homes, violent neighborhoods, often taken care of by family members who do not want them, subjected to abandonment, abuse, and neglect; these young men turn to the streets and are often brought-up by the streets. They learn to survive, not live. Empowered Youth is a program based upon positive reinforcement, not punishment.”


Cool Girls

Who does it serve? Low-income girls in Atlanta who attend Title 1 schools.

What does it do? Provides life skills development, fitness, nutrition, STEM education, mentoring, community service programs, financial literacy, college preparation and social experiences.

In their own words: “Our program directly impacts the community by decreasing the number of teen pregnancies, providing meaningful opportunities to engage diverse populations and exposing girls to a broad range of experiences. Cool Girls ensures that girls become self-assured and break cycles of poverty, teen pregnancy, racism and sexism.”


First Graduate

Who does it serve? First generation college students in San Francisco, California.

What does it do? First Graduate makes a 10-year commitment to each student and his/her family. They work with youth from seventh grade to senior year of college, providing services aimed at getting first generation college students graduated from a higher education institution.

In their own words: “We at First Graduate believe that a college degree is the best way to break the cycle of poverty within families, build a productive, educated workforce, and foster an engaged and active citizenry.”


Minds Matter of Denver

Who does it serve? Underprivileged high school students in Denver, Colorado.

What does it do? Experiential learning to improve skills in writing, critical thinking, public speaking, interviewing abilities, and math. Provides college prep, as well as SAT prep.

In their own words: “MMD has enabled participating students to achieve phenomenal success; in fact, during the 2010-2011 school years, 100% of MMD graduating seniors were accepted and attended major four-year college programs. Perhaps most amazingly, 100% of those graduating seniors were successful in securing some type of financial scholarship! Incredibly, this has been accomplished with 100% volunteer support.”

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  1. Vinod Kumar says:

    The purpose of IGNITE is to inspire girls of all backgrounds to envision themselves as leaders in STEM and to empower them to make that vision a reality.”

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