Three Things Nonprofits Should Know About the New Office

Last week, we announced big news: the new Microsoft Office is available as a software donation to eligible nonprofits worldwide.


Here's the take-away

There are many ways the new Microsoft Office will meet the needs of nonprofits everywhere as they strive to serve their local communities with limited technological resources and staff. Here are just three:

1. The smart, social and integrated contact card

Nonprofit office managers, administrative assistants, network weavers and coalition builders will love this feature. It’s the contact card. The contact card in the new Office contains all the key details about a person: phone, email, address, company information, position within an organization structure like “direct reports” and “reports to”, headshot photo, links to social networks, and even the ability to see if someone is in a meeting or available (which is automatically synced to their Outlook calendar). You can also schedule a meeting, chat or call with the contact card.

2. Spreadsheets taking care of business – in a flash!

Have you ever exported data onto a spreadsheet, and in your horror, found that some of the data categories – say, Name, City, State – are all crammed into the same column? Excel in the new Office can intelligently detect your attempts to separate data, and by a third entry of data, it auto-populates the rest of the column for you. It’s a new functionality called “Flash Fill.”

3. It’s all about presentation

Whether in front of a potential corporate donor, your board of directors, or a group of constituents, the best visual aid is often your slide deck. The new PowerPoint helps you bring your nonprofit story to life, with a number of neat new features. To name a few: widescreen as a new default aspect ratio, easy video embedding, and if your audience needs a reminder or refresher, you can now embed your presentation directly onto a website and maintain all of its animations, transitions, audio and video. The new experience is fully interactive and all your content plays back right in the embedded object.

A little FYI

To help you learn more about the new Office, we came together with TechSoup to host a webinar, explaining what's new in the new Office and sharing examples of how a nonprofit or library might use the new Office. You can see the webinar here (this link will require you to type your name to watch the recording).

We also hosted a TweetChat to take your questions. One of our in-house experts, Doug Thomas, the "Office Casual Guy" was there to provide answers. Below, we've put together a Storify of the Q&A session in case you missed it.

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  1. PeteB says:

    Suggest you upgrade your microphone for the TalkSoup presentations.

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