Bidding for a good cause (no bull)

As we near the end of the 2012 Microsoft employee giving campaign we thought we’d give you a glimpse at one of the most popular giving initiatives: MS Auction.

MS Auction is an internal only auction site that gives employees the opportunity to submit and bid on a range of different items ranging from collectibles (e.g. an actor’s shirt), experiences (e.g. craft distillery tasting), electronics, food & drink (e.g. six months of homemade cookies) and many many more.   Presentation1

The auction takes place as you’d expect with people bidding (and auto-bidding) all through the month and the prize going to the highest bidder.

MS Auction grows every year and this year looks like being yet another record breaking year.

There’s an amazing range of items from getting your face on the front page of to a trip in a Formula One car and a Caribbean getaway.

However, there was only one choice for our favorite item this year.


Bull (2)

We’re not sure if there’s a steak dinner included.


A big thanks and congratulations to everyone who contributed to another incredible year of employee giving this year!

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