Video: A special event for employee giving at Microsoft

Yesterday we held a very special employee event here in Redmond, Washington.  Moderated by Brad Smith, the event included our CEO Steve Ballmer, our Founder Bill Gates, Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire and Jon Fine, CEO, United Way of King County to mark the 30th employee giving campaign at Microsoft.

As well as celebrating the giving campaign, which takes place throughout October, we also announced that our employees’ giving efforts have reached a significant milestone.  Since 1983 Microsoft employees have raised $1 billion, with corporate match, for over 31,000 nonprofits working around the world.  It’s a fantastic illustration of the passion and enthusiasm of our people in getting out there and helping others both through monetary donations but also through giving their time and expertise.

We wanted to share the event for those interested in finding out more about both the history of the future of the Microsoft employee giving campaign.

Here’s a short clip with some quotes from Steve and Bill, you can find the full event here.


Microsoft Founder Bill Gates and CEO Steve Ballmer at the Employee Giving event

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