Finding the Fearless Changemakers

Akhtar Badshah, Senior Director, Microsoft Citizenship

We’re partnering with The Case Foundation and REI to find the most fearless changemakers and I’ve no doubt the competition will be fierce!

Over the last six months, I have had the privilege to spend a good deal of time with young people around the world who want to be changemakers. They have a vision and are inspired to create good for their communities, their countries and the world at large. Whether it was in Boston, in Cairo, in Beijing, in Brussels, in Mexico City, or in Redmond, Washington the desire of young people to make change and create a better future is the same.

With each of the groups I’ve spent time with, I’ve shared the following advice:

· Be unreasonable in your quest to make change.

  • But if you are unreasonable, you must continue to be a learner.
  • You will fail, but do not give up, use what you learn from your failure to succeed.
  • You must translate personal passion to compassion in order to have societal impact.

In simple terms, Be Fearless.

We embrace the idea of being fearless in your quest to make and drive change. This is a key reason we have joined with The Case Foundation and REI on their search to find the most Fearless Changemakers in America. The Finding Fearless campaign aims to recognize, reward and celebrate the great work of amazing people making positive impact in their community.



Winners will receive funding from The Case Foundation, products from Microsoft and gear from REI. Microsoft will recognize one of the most Fearless Changemakers with a Microsoft YouthSpark prize – for a young changemaker, or someone supporting a youth program.

Who do you know that is fearless in their quest for change? Is it you? Is it your local librarian? Your neighbor? Your co-worker? Your child’s teacher? Your child?

Please help us, together with the Case Foundation and REI find the unsung, unnoticed, and uncelebrated individuals in communities across the country that have a successful track record of tackling social challenges celebrate them by nominating them today!

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