Building a strong local community through the Georgia Street Community Garden

Our colleagues in the Windows team recently published a great video on the work and passion of community activist Mark Covington which we wanted to share.

Mark was born and raised in Detroit and like many other Americans he lost his job in 2008, forcing him to move back home with his mother and grandmother while he figured out what do next. 

He grew tired of seeing vacant lots in his neighborhood and decided to take action.  In 2008 he began converting a vacant lot into the Georgia Street Community Garden. Since then the project has grown and developed and it now includes a media center and library that provides a wide variety of books and six PCs that are available for people to come and use.

The Georgia Street Community Garden has evolved from humble beginnings to a fully-fledged community hub.

It's a great story.

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  1. umesh says:

    Love that you do this each month….sending you lots of flowers in your  garden.

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