Microsoft Office 365 for education–now available

Today we’ve announced that Office 365 for education, which provides Office Web Apps, Exchange Online (for email and scheduling), SharePoint Online (for collaboration) and Lync Online (for communications) is available for schools at not cost.

Here’s more From Anthony Salcito’s blog:

“As schools face ever-tightening budgets and the pressure to innovate, Microsoft is offering enterprise quality technology for free that will modernize teaching practices and help prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow.

Office 365 for education builds off of the great platform we've established with Live@edu and is the next evolution to provide a better experience for communication, collaboration, and productivity tools for education institutions of all types…while saving costs and delivering a great connected experience for students and educators. With Office 365, schools get Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Office Web Apps at no cost. You can sign up today at”

Find out more about Office 365 for Education here and here.

There’s a great video here on how the University of Massachusetts is using Office 365 for education.

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  1. Graham Wooding says:

    This is great.  As a newcomer to Office 365, who do I contact to talk about being able you use it for a public charity that specializes in education and training?


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