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It’s been said that if you can help a young person take the first step, chances are they will put themselves on a path to succeed. It’s why, as a company, we’re focused on creating opportunities for youth. Since 2000 we've worked together with Boys & Girls Club of America on the Club Tech initiative.  It provides young people with access to technology, and the skills they need to use that technology to improve education and develop job skills.  Today with Boys & Girls Club and Comcast we’re announcing the latest extension of Club Tech.

Club Tech Impact Grants

Forty Clubs across the country will receive funds to update their technology. These funds, the Club Tech Impact Grants, will help to upgrade current Club Tech technology centers adding new activities and programs aimed to enhance technology skills among youth. The grants will provide each Club with $5,000, matched by an additional $2,500 by local donors, for the opportunity to purchase additional equipment or software, or to fulfill a fun, innovative project idea related to program areas like digital arts, robotics or career development.

Nearly one million youth and teens participate in the Club Tech program every year at more than 3,600 Clubs. Club Tech provides youth and staff with basic and advanced tech skills needed to succeed in a technology-driven world.

First and foremost, Club Tech provides young people access to technology they might not have at home, and the opportunity to develop the technology skills necessary to succeed in school and the job market. It also helps youth become inspired about their futures and learn what careers might interest them, providing them additional exposure to technology outside of the classroom.


Kids take part in activities at a BGCA Club Tech Center for Excellence, a state-of-the-art technology center which provides youth access to fully loaded computers with software.

Club Tech is a BGCA program initiated in partnership with Microsoft to provide software, training and development of digital literacy curriculum. In 2010, Comcast joined as a partner in delivering essential digital literacy opportunities through technology grants to Clubs.

You can discover more about Club Tech by watching the video below or visiting:  Find out more about some of the people who have benefitted from Club Tech here.

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