Nonprofits: Free webinar – get the most out of your data with CRM

Guest post by Shawn Michael, Senior Technical Manager, NPower Northwest

In the decade that I have spent as part of the NPower organization, helping nonprofits make the best use of technology to further their missions and thrive, I have seen countless hours of effort and piles of financial resources directed towards solving the problem of “tracking” data. Data is collected on clients, donors, members, and a variety of other contacts and organizations. While capturing data is a good first step in understanding more about who you serve, it means nothing without ways to “use” that data. Good uses of data include proactively managing relationships and analyzing campaigns that are successful in prompting people to take a specific action, such as donate or volunteer.

That is where Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes in. I remember several years ago when Microsoft began the work to build a solution that is now called the Nonprofit Solution. It is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and not only provides nonprofits with forms and fields to capture data, but also reports, dashboards, and much more. From setting automated processes that remind you to send thank you notes, to helping manage tasks to make a campaign run smoothly.

Case in point – Washington STEM was a burgeoning new nonprofit organization building momentum through their connections in the education, nonprofit and philanthropic communities. Core to their strategy for growth was nimble and effective use of technology. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Nonprofit Solution provided a central system for their staff to build and manage relationships with all of their constituencies.

So, how can you use CRM to tame your data? Join us on Thursday, March 22, 11:00am-12:00pm PDT, for a webinar discussion about…

  • Key functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the Nonprofit Solution
  • Where to get this great tool
  • Where to find help to configure and roll-out the solution in your organization


Some of the key features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are:

  • Full integration with Outlook and other Microsoft Office components (Word, Excel, SharePoint, Lync, etc.)
  • Built in relationship management capabilities including:
    • Donor Management
    • Grants Management
    • Member Management
    • Campaign & Event Management
  • Available both as an on-premise (where it’s installed on your server) or a hosted solution (delivered to you over the Internet)

- On-premise Dynamics CRM is available through the Microsoft nonprofit software donations program via TechSoup

- Hosted Dynamics CRM is currently available at $9.99/user/month for eligible nonprofit organizations


Find out more about the nonprofit solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM here.

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