How does a nonprofit use technology to support global operations?

Since 1968, Concern Worldwide has been working with the poorest people in the poorest countries of the world to enable them to transform their lives.

Today, Concern is one of the world’s largest humanitarian NGOs, with almost 4,000 staff working in nearly 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Central America. In keeping with its mission of helping poor people to achieve long-lasting improvements in their lives, Concern’s field programs focus on food security, education, primary healthcare, livelihoods, and disaster risk reduction as well as emergency response.

Technology plays an indispensable role in ensuring that Concern’s field programs provide sustainable benefits to local communities. “We view technology as a strategic asset,” according to Vincent Richardson, chief information officer at Concern. “It’s obviously crucial for our back office systems and our ability to keep operating in the most difficult situations. We’re also embedding technology in our field operations, both to deliver programs and to put technology into people’s hands so they can use it to improve their lives and livelihoods. This is at the heart of achieving sustainable change for the world’s poorest people.”

Concern faces the same operational requirements for reporting, collaboration, management and communication as any large global organization, with the added challenge of operating in communities which often have limited infrastructure.

So how do they keep things up and running? They are using Microsoft Office 365 to support their incredible work around the world. Here’s how they’re using it.


You can find out more about Concern’s work here and why not support their work by visiting their donations page.

You can find out more about Concern’s work here and why not support their work by visiting their donations page.

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