STEM Hero: Looking up at the stars and advancing curriculum with Curtis Wong

When your children look up at the sky, do they ever ask you what is going on millions of miles above their heads? Did you ever ask the same question? Back when Curtis Wong was a young boy growing up in smoggy Los Angeles, he dreamt of being able to clearly see and learn about the beautiful images of the sky, which he could only see in books. With that dream in mind, Curtis now uses his education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to make STEM subjects more accessible and more fun.  Just look at the World Wide Telescope and Project Tuva, both of which show that STEM subjects can be taught in new more exciting ways.

I was fortunate to have a quick chat with Curtis the other day and got to learn a bit more about how he came to work on such amazing projects. Since it was just us in the room, I made sure to tape it and believe me, if you are a teacher or student, this is not one to miss. Without further ado, here is Curtis:


You should check out World Wide Telescope and Project Tuva, after all, they are free to use!

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