The 24 Hour Global Give and Go: The giving is done; the going starts tonight

What if you had 24 hours to make a difference in the lives of people across the world’s 24 time zones? A group of Microsoft employees and pioneering philanthropists asked themselves this question as part of month of Giving at Microsoft. The answer came in the form of an event called “The 24 Hour Global Give and Go”. For a description of the event, here is a quick introduction from John Bartol:

So on October 24, beginning at 4pm on the International Date Line, and continuing at 4pm across 24 time zones, teams of Microsoft employees around the world will be running, biking, swimming, walking, sailing, flying, Kinect’ing, and just plain MOVING for one hour in support of named, local charities.

Have you ever witnessed the Olympic Torch Run? During this marathon the “torch” is passed on the hour, every hour from time zone to time zone. However in this case it’s a virtual torch, a Windows Phone 7. The handover each hour takes place via Microsoft’s internal social media channel OfficeTalk where a photo and post describes the hour journey.

You can follow the progress from around the world, throughout the day, on the Microsoft Citizenship Twitter and Facebook where we will be posting photos.

So far this year, 230 employees have raised over $12,000, much of which will be matched by local Microsoft subsidiaries. 

If you want to see what 24 hours of global giving looks like, stay tuned with us.  

The trip begins at 8pm PST, Sunday October 23. Below you will find updates from our teams around the world!

The first hour of the Global Give & Go is done!  Here is the BATON PASS!!! KEEP GOING! -John Bartol and Nicole Fiset (pictured above).

90 plus registered in Japan to run & Kinect dance to raise 5,800USD to support the community in quake affected Eastern Japan!”- Mitch Tsunoda

Kinect dancing for a good cause!

Team Japan passes on the baton! Keep going!!

Team Shanghai is ready to rock at Xuhui park despite the cold rainy conditions.

Team Beijing did a ping pong event. Good luck to the other time zone teams!

India Hyderabad team all set for good warm up jog before the big game of cricket for Global Giving Campaign. 

Another India team starts it Mega run at the park of Historic Qutub Minar

Passing the baton from India using Windows Phone 7

And passed on again for Armenia... Go Go Go!! -Doug Pierson

Team London warmed up and set out on a run described as "A brilliant day in London" by Inga Sheppard

The UK team is gearing up for various activities and representing their colors proudly!

A little bit of exercise for good, and the UK team passes on the baton. Keep going!

Team France prepares for the day's activities with a brain excercise

Team France passes the baton after their activity.

In Germany you could swim or skate. According to their team, "German Inline Skaters "survived" with nobody injured! 🙂 Keep it rolling!"

In Mexico, Manuel Herrera Trejo walked around campus in support of his cause, and passed the baton off with the pictures you see above. Keep going!

Passing the baton from Brazil to GMT -3! Keep going!

 Microsoft Staff gathered at Lucky Strike lanes in Bellevue, WA, to knock down pins for a few good causes.

Joined in partnership with the Seattle Seahawks, a good chunk of change was raised between bowling pledges and a silent auction hosted by the Hawks. One last baton pass over to Seattle for the final hour of the 24 Hour Give and Go!

Nicole Fiset leads the final leg of the 24 Hour Give and Go, kicking it off with this photo!

And the going is complete!! Great work everyone for making the 24 Hour Global Give and Go such a success!







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  1. Camp Shout Out says:

    Today is International Stuttering Awareness Day and we would like to give a 'Shout Out' to Microsoft Citizenship for helping change the world for young people who stutter by supporting Camp Shout Out through the Youth Sparks initiative. Together we are Building Great Communicators!

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