Working with corporate alumni for greater community impact

Like many companies, Microsoft is proud of the close and productive relationship we have with our alumni and the opportunities we have to work together.  This is particularly true when it comes to our local community here in Washington State where we have a large number of employees and a large alumni community.  Both groups already have a positive local community presence in their own right, but by coming together we can have an even greater impact.

This has been one of the key opportunities that has guided our partnership with the Microsoft Alumni Foundation (MSAF) and together we’re announcing a new initiative to support the United Way King County’s Day of Caring on September 16th 2011. For each Microsoft alumnus who participates in a Day of Caring project alongside current Microsoft employees, Microsoft will donate $100 to the Microsoft Alumni Foundation up to a total of $50,000.  The alumni will then choose which local nonprofit organizations in King County receive that funding.

As Marylou Brannan, executive director at MSAF observed: “Many of us (alumni) formed our commitment to philanthropy while we were at the company, and have now gone on to focus even more time and energy in that direction since leaving the company.  One of the Microsoft Alumni Foundation’s jobs is to help create and promote opportunities like this, to get even more of our alumni rallied and to deepen the impact in our communities. This Microsoft matching provides a great stimulus to support those efforts.”

We are hoping this will provide additional incentive  for our alumni, who are already very active in the community, to get involved with our work around the Day of Caring.

We’ll keep you updated!

Interested Microsoft alumni can get more information and sign-up  through  the Microsoft Alumni Foundation website.

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