Help your favorite nonprofit get a software donation

Today we’re announcing updates to our nonprofit software donations program to enable more nonprofits around the world to get easier access to the technology they need, when they need it.

While we currently provide software donations to over 40,000 nonprofits each year, we’re just getting started and we need your help.

Many nonprofit organizations, including some in your local community, are not aware that they can request a donation of Microsoft software.  Help us spread the word.   Together, we can ensure nonprofits have access to affordable technology to help them do more with their limited resources.

There are two ways you can help:

1)      Share the video (below) with your colleagues, friends and family to raise awareness of a great resource available to nonprofits.

2)      Make your cause our cause: Reach out to your favorite nonprofit and make sure they’re aware of the Microsoft donations program.  To make it as easy as possible, we’ve drafted a note below that you can use.

To those who have already helped, a big thank you from everyone at Microsoft!


To my favorite nonprofit:

I think the work you do in our community is amazing.  I know how challenging it is to try and do more with less.   

So how can you boost productivity, raise more funds, increase your reach, and deliver new or better services in our community? How about a donation of software from Microsoft? I wanted to make sure you know that eligible nonprofit organizations can request a software donation.  There are still many nonprofits that don’t know about the donations program.  Do you?

Eligible nonprofit organizations can choose from a wide range of Microsoft desktop and server products (including Office and Windows).  Check out to see what’s available and learn how to apply.  In fact, if you are in one of these 35 countries with a local TechSoup program, you may be able to get technology donations from other companies too, like Cisco, Symantec, or Adobe.

Maybe you already knew all this.  If so, that’s great.  I want you to keep doing good stuff in our community, and know that access to the latest technology can help.  It would be great if you could share this note with other nonprofits too.

By spreading the word, together, we can help millions of nonprofits get access to the technology they need to best serve communities worldwide.


Your supporter

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This would be great, but when I (representing the non-profit I work for) attempt to contact the Microsoft Corporate Citizenship contact for my region (listed here: I discover that the email address they provide is not a valid email address. The address provided is but if you try to write to it you are told it is invalid. Can Microsoft provide a correct address?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Such great causes, and such a wonderful job by Microsoft..I wish there was a local organization that could help our family, though. The only way I can continue to work to earn money for my daughter before my time is up with this disease is to have a desktop to work from home. I've tried it all to get a computer of my own. I wish computers weren't so impersonal, that you could know, I swear on my daughter's life, I am telling the truth. I need help, please.

  3. Jesiele Neves de Lima says:

    AT: Microsoft Corporate Citizenship,

    As much I appreciate all best intention of this large initiative and it shall be difficult to analyze multiple projects being presented thru all structure and processes in place, I am also disappointed that directing my cause on behalf of GMM org, after 3 attempts contacting the Africa representative, no response has came to us yet. My email is and as part of UN Volunteer group we are advocating for software donation for a new laboratory in a local entity in Boyo, Cameron, called GMM. Merci for attention. Jesiele Lima.

  4. Dr.Gurudatta Samantsinhar says:


  5. Arj Subanandan says:

    This is great Microsoft. It's a small step in the right direction.

    Could I suggest something? Give free licences of your software to all not-for-profits. Small or large these organisations are driven by a different bottom line. They're not trying to make shareholders richer. They're not buying software from profit they make from selling products or services. They're helping people and animals. They're advancing the human race and protecting the planet. They help save people's lives and make other contributions which are more valuable than pounds or dollars can measure.

    So many of these organisations are fettered in their capability to achieve impact because they  have little funding. This is something most charities and philanthropic organisations have in common. Free Microsoft software for charities would help them achieve success on their bottom line better, be it saving rainforests or saving lives. Microsoft can still make billions from profit making companies while allowing not-for-profit companies to benefit from free software.

    Please. Make the giant leap.

  6. Learn Your yoga says:

    can you send your software updates to my organisation

    Learn your yoga

    12/7,2nd cross street,

    thirupathy nagar,




    and can you help it to be registered with government…

    and microsoft grant is already delayed by a year one feels.

    or microsoft grant is due.

    for humanity cause and "heaven ideal to which my organisation is

    dedicated to"

  7. Chhaya says:

    i think St Catherines Home Andheri Mumbai deserves this Software Donation

  8. msudhindra says:

    hi i would like you to help YWCA of Delhi, Ashoka Road, New Delhi, India to help them with some software issues they are struggling for last two/three years.

    thanks and regards

  9. Multi Site Content Poster says:

    vital information is provide

    good stuff for business

  10. christian medina says:

    please give a computer for my study ….  !1!!!

  11. Elizabeth Uphoff says:

    Looking for donation to Rotary International in Toluca IL–software for our biannual auction. Our funds go to scholarships, local needs like Santa Project, nursing home, Doctors without Borders, Shelter Box and Polio Causes and relief from dreaded disease in the world.

    Toluca Rotary 61369

  12. ravinder reddy says:

    hai sir am ravinder reddy from india , am poor background family am studying multimedia course , i want 10,000 dollors my college fee, pls kindly donate some dollors , pls kindly sir.

  13. Nuno Aguiar says:

    I think that CERCIMARCO in Portugal deserves the donation.

  14. Vickie Smith says:

    I feel that all small non profits would greatly benefit from software as most can not afford the expense for such items. I know SALS can not afford to buy software that would benefit the organization greatly.

  15. irest volunteer ministry says:

    hello my name is Andrew Lacroux I represent the irest ministry we are a group of volunteer the we feed the families in our community and we asking you if you can help us with software of Microsoft office 2010it will be a big help for our ministry, please let us know if you can help us our Email is

  16. Jason Trojanowski says:


    Winters Jr Warriors is a football and cheerleading organization in Winters, CA, Located in Northern CA. We need to raise money to purchase new equipment so we can replace our old equipment, but our organization has little to no money to purchase it on our own. We like your product and though it would be a good idea to raise funds through partnership through your company. I believe this could benefit both sides of the partnership, as you would receive advertising at a very low cost, while we receive a product a discounted price allowing us to fundraise even more money.


    If you are interested in sponsoring the Winters Jr Warriors and/or one of the football and cheerleading squads, please contact Jason Trojanowski at

    Sponsor the Winters Jr Warriors, and your business logo will be viewable on our team site, and your sponsorship will be recognized at home games.

    Sponsor an individual team, which your business is the only sponsor on their site, as well as being listed on our team site. Your sponsorship will be recognized at home games, and we may allow a reasonable sized business banner to be displayed on game day.

    Sponsor through product donation. We accept money/food/equipment/etc., donations to help support our aging program. By sponsoring our program through product donation and/or discounted products, we will display you business logo on our team site, recognize your sponsorship at home games,  and allow a reasonable sized business banner to be placed on game day.

    Winters Jr Warriors gladly accepts donations to support our football and cheerleading organization at:

    Winters Jr Warriors Football & Cheerleading

    PO Box 1273

    Winters, CA 95694

    Attn: Donations

    Thank you,

    Jason Trojanowski

    Winters Jr Warriors, Board Member

  17. Mr Nabe Kanfiegue says:

    Global Network is very important:

    Because of the several computer advantages, it has become an important household item. Be it office, home, or school, it has become an indispensable device for us. A computer operated by an individual without any specific computer operator is called a personal computer (PC). A PC can be a desktop or a laptop computer, and can be used at home or at office. As per the requirement of the user, software is installed in a PC.

    One can write more effectively by means of a computer. There are tools like spelling and grammar checker, thesaurus and dictionary, installed in the computer. Thus, it takes less time to proofread a written document and also, there is no need to open up a dictionary book to look for meanings of words. Typing is much faster than writing on a paper. If there is a need for reorganizing the sentences or paragraphs, one can cut and paste and make the necessary changes. Thus, overall a computer allows the user to create documents, edit, print, and store them so that they can be retrieved later.

    From << International Union of Parents and Teachers Association>>

  18. Gheorghe says:

    Hello Dears,

    My name is Gheorghe.

    I’m volunteer and my dream is to help a poor family from my country.

    Thanks in advance for taking time to check this message

    I would like to ask you to help as much as you can this poor family. Even if you don't have financial possibility just share this campaign to others.

    We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.…/help-anastasia-s-family-to-live-a-better-life

  19. EKOJA says:

    is a good initiative appreciate and keep the good work going  

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