How CRM can help nonprofits manage donors, volunteers and clients

Yesterday Microsoft Community Affairs, NPower Northwest, and NPower Pennsylvania, hosted a webinar on how nonprofits can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage massive data sets for customers, or otherwise donors, members, and volunteers. Communicating with these constituents while keeping accurate and accessible records is critical; a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution can make that possible.

If you Bing "CRM" you'll see an overwhelming number of articles espousing it as "a widely-implemented strategy to manage an organization's customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes". It's often referred to as Constituent Relationship Management by nonprofits, the right CRM solution can help  you be more effective and efficient simplifying the management of your contacts and information related to donations, grants, events, memberships, etc. It can also boost efficiency and strengthen relationships. Microsoft's Dynamics CRM Online, specifically, utilizes Cloud Computing making it convenient and cost effective - a nonprofit can get the benefit of a robust CRM system without having to manage and maintain it on their own computer servers.


The webinar, which is now available to watch online, provides a 101 guide to CRM and using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Nonprofits. It includes a complete overview of features, core functionality, and examples from nonprofits who are using it now to better connect with constituents.  Both "on-premise" and online versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM are discussed, including what's available for donation or charity discount to eligible nonprofits.    

If you're thinking of moving beyond the rolodexes, spreadsheets, file cabinets, and the like, visit our Windows Live SkyDrive to download the recorded webinar, view the webinar slides, and find links to help you learn more and get started on managing to maximize the impact of your relationships.

The next webinar, "4 Collaboration & Connection Tools in Office 2010 Your Org Will Dig" is April 27th. As always, it's free, but you will need to pre-register. Mark your calendars! Be sure to check our website and follow @msftcitizenship on Twitter for details and updates.

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