How nonprofits can use the cloud, save money and increase impact

Microsoft Community Affairs and TechSoup recently hosted a webinar focused on how moving to the cloud can benefit nonprofits. If you’ve been paying attention to the latest tech trends - or even if you haven’t - then you have probably heard the term “cloud” thrown around a lot. At a basic level, “The Cloud” describes an approach to computing that’s about taking advantage of Internet scale and connecting to (and from) a variety of devices. It could involve moving IT services such as email, collaboration tools, or constituent management software to the Internet so that those tools do not have to be hosted locally. The cloud delivers IT as a service, freeing you up to focus on your mission.

Technology is changing and the cloud is opening new opportunities for nonprofits to not only save money on administration costs but deliver new services.

This was the subject of the recent webinar presented by Anna Jaeger of TechSoup Global and Microsoft Community Affairs. We showed how the cloud can help nonprofits turn their attention and valuable resources from mundane time intensive tasks such as tech maintenance to more inspiring parts of their work that have a real impact in their community.

Cloud White Board

If you are feeling slightly apprehensive about your cloud-ward mobility then this webinar is for you. It is a great 101 course aimed at clearing up some of the murky confusion regarding:  data security, measurable costs (learn how one org saved $20,000!), reliability and its benefits.

Ready to learn more?  Visit to download the recording, view the presentation slides and find links to great articles to help you navigate your cloud journey.

Fear not and embrace it! Cloud computing (like Rock n' Roll) is here to stay.

Please join us for our next nonprofit webinar Connect, Collaborate & Engage: The potential of SharePoint for nonprofits & public libraries on March 9th at 11:00am PST.

Comments (2)

  1. mike says:

    What am I missing here…what does this have to do with non-profits?  Can you be more clear?  

  2. Teresa Richardson says:

    I'm a Microsoft fan! So thanks for this article as I manage a business in DC and found this of great interest. Now if you would only give me some advice about what to do because the employer I am about to move to uses Apple macs and ipads. I just don't want to go there as Apple just isn't my thing. But I'm not a techie so I need some advice about how soon I can get a Windows 7 tablet and avoid being forced by my new colleagues to use an ipad. Yuck! Please save me!

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