New program to develop IT skills in Haiti

Frank Schott, the global program director for NetHope has written a blog post over on Wired’s Haiti ReWired site about the chronic shortage of local information and communication technology (ICT) professionals in the country.

Frank writes:

ICT can be used to support health, education, economic development and conservation -- telemedicine, distance learning, epayments, mapping for deforestation are all well within reach. ICT solutions are needed to facilitate the rebuilding of Haiti, but there is a serious shortage of ICT professionals in the country.

To address this issue, Nethope is launching a new in-country initiative in Haiti:

NetHope Academy is launching an intern program that will give Haitian computer science students an opportunity to get on-the-job training while working for humanitarian organizations and corporations. Haiti is no different than anywhere else. It’s hard to get hired if you don’t have any work experience. The NetHope Academy can help, but we need your support.

To find out more, read Frank’s post or visit the NetHope Academy site.

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