Shaping the future with technology

Part of Microsoft Unlimited Potential, Shape the Future provides tools that help governments create smart, sustainable and inclusive technology programs for their citizens – including not only affordable access to devices and software, but technology skills training, workshops and technology assistance with the end goal of ensuring their citizens are part of the information society.

It is customized based on the specific needs of the government and the citizens, offering favorable financing, software, hardware, training, and support that no single agency alone could provide. The critical ingredient for sustainability and success is the realization of direct benefits for each of the stakeholders involved in the process. When partner interests and competencies are aligned effectively, Public Private Partnerships represent a powerful consortium that can leverage the strengths of each partner towards a common goal.

Worldwide, the program has helped close the digital divide by facilitating access to a PC solution for more than six million people.

You can find out more about Shape the Future here.

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