Typical desktop challenges for a manufacturing company

Last week i engaged with a leading manufacturing company and discussed with them on how desktop virtualization might ease some of their current desktop challenges. here are some of their typical issues which i see as very common in most of the organizations:

  • rising cost of desktop management and operations

  • need of a more adaptive infrastrcuture to serve the increasing business demands

  • desktop management issues and difficulties to support remote or disconnected desktop scenarios (remote branches, sales teams, distributors)

  • data mangement and compliance issues for remote desktop users

  • support and provisioning of desktops for external contractors or outsourcing partners

  • lack of desktop monitoring and capacity sizing abilities

  • application compatability issues

  • cost of application testing, packaging and deployment

  • huge number of legacy applications with security and compatability issues

  • missing application governance

  • explosive growth of corporate data and inability to structure it

  • user data lifecycle management issues (storage, security, backup, retention, sharing etc

As you can see most of the desktop issues are gathered around application compatibility, user data and cost of desktop management. But one of them is really driving these problems which is the need for a more adaptive desktop infrastructure to serve the increasing business demands in the organization. Business is putting an excessive pressure on IT to address those changes and IT is not able to serve these demands fast enough causing dissatisfaction. 

We need to help IT to build a more agile and dynamic desktop infrastructure to serve the business better and increase their service levels. We have great virtualization solutions coming up which will change the way we are operating our desktops today.

please have a look at Microsofts dynamic desktop vision https://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/en/us/dynamic-desktops.aspx

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  1. James Roberts says:

    A proper desktop management solution is the best way to reduce desktop costs. I

    n our company we had a chance to try a wide range of tools including some very expensive ones but finally we stopped at desktop authority.  

    It was the best in price-quality-feature ratio.

    There are great graphical representations of the mostof the key areas of desktop management icluding drive and printer mappings, outlook profile configuration, antispyware, usb security, inventory reporting and many more.


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