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Microsoft Premier Workshop: Microsoft Azure: Security Best Practices


Der dreitägige „Microsoft Azure: Security Best Practices“ WorkshopPLUS vermittelt das notwendige Wissen und Verständnis von Sicherheits-Prinzipien im Umfeld von Azure.


Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Azure Security:
This module introduces the Security technologies available on Microsoft Azure.

Module 2: Data Privacy in Azure and Compliance Standards:
This module explains the responsibility boundaries between Microsoft and tenants about various aspects of Azure Security, ranging from Design and Operational Security Penetration Testing, as well as the top Industry Security Certifications for compliance purposes.

Module 3: Network Security:
This module covers how to secure network communications to better protect virtual infrastructure, data and applications deployed in Microsoft Azure. You will learn how to use Network Security Group to create rules (ACLs) to control access by permitting or denying communication between the workloads. And it describes multiple examples of building security boundaries with Azure virtual networks.

Module 4: Identity and Access:
This module will help you understand risk events and potential vulnerabilities affecting your organization’s identities. As such you will learn Understand Mobility and Cloud security threats, and the mitigation steps and security controls available in Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Describe Authentication mechanism, Self-service password reset, Password write-back, and other Cloud security functionalities

Module 5: Encryption and Data Protection:
In order to achieve the highest degree of protection and meet the regulatory compliances you need to secure your data in AZURE, as Microsoft we provide multiple layers of data protection. This includes encrypting data while at rest, in motion or in use, authenticating only authorized users against the database or application, and limiting user access to the appropriate subset of the data. Is all that strategic elements that you will learn in this module.

Module 6: Threat management:
In this module you will learn the importance of deploying any kind of antimalware solution to Azure Virtual Machines. You will be introduced to the Microsoft Antimalware architecture, deployment scenarios using Powershell and the Azure Portal, and finally enable Diagnostics Logging for Azure Antimalware. This module explains how to perform an effective and automated Virtual Machine hardening and patch management.

Module 7: Azure Web Security:
This module helps you get started on securing your web app, mobile app backend, or API app in Azure App Service.

Module 8: Azure Monitoring, logging, and reporting:
This module explains how we provide continuous monitoring and auditing of activities to help in the detection of potential threats and provide a record of critical events in case of a breach. These rich security capabilities are each balanced by the ability to quickly implement features and mitigate security risk without compromising developer productivity or a customer’s experience. These layers of protection are summarized across three areas: Protect Data, Control Access and Monitor Activity

Module 9: IR on Azure cloud:
This module presents the Azure Security Incident Response Process adopted by the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) team, the Security Incident Response Lifecycle, and examines how Microsoft investigates, manages, and responds to security incidents within Azure.

Der Workshop richtet sich an Unternehmen, die Microsoft Azure im Einsatz haben und die wichtigsten Sicherheitsmaßnahmen verstehen und einführen wollen.

Level 300
(Level Skala: 100= Strategisch/ 200= technischer Überblick/ 300=tiefe Fachkenntnisse/ 400= technisches Expertenwissen)

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