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Microsoft Premier Workshop: Skype for Business Server 2015 Core Concepts


Der 4-tägige Skype for Business Server 2015 Core Concepts Workshop vermittelt den Teilnehmern ein tiefes Wissen über die neuen Features in Skype for Business Server 2015.


Module 1: Skype for Business Architecture:
This module provides an overview of the preferred architecture for Skype for Business.  This module also covers external access (Edge) and authentication methods.

Module 2:  Conferencing:
This module will introduce the learner to Skype for Business’ conferencing capabilities.  You will learn how meetings are scheduled, how meetings are stored, accessed, and how to manage and control the various modalities used in a conference. 

Module 3: High Availability and Disaster Recovery:
In this module, you will be presented with the options available in Skype for Business Server for high availability for the Front End Pool, Back End database, and file store. In addition, this module extensively discusses the disaster recovery approach in case of a datacenter failure.

Module 4: Clients and Devices:
This module covers the new functionality of Skype for Business clients and devices.  You will deep dive into client internals for a deeper understanding of how the clients and devices work.

Module 5: Mobility:
This module will focus on the Skype for Business mobile clients for Windows, IOS and Android and how they connect, increase productivity and keep your communications secure.

Module 6: Operations:
This module will cover the day to day monitoring and performance of your Skype for Business Server environment.  Here you will learn how to keep your servers and media flows optimized and your network bandwidth under control. 

Module 7: Archiving and Compliance:
In this module, you will learn the features and functionality in Skype for Business Server to keep your communications in regulatory compliance and easily discoverable in Microsoft Exchange Server or SQL Server.

Module 8: Interoperability: 
This module focuses on how Skype for Business Server can operate and extend communications with 3rd party video conferencing servers, Exchange Server and Sharepoint Server.

Module 9: Troubleshooting:
This module will introduce you to the Centralized Logging feature in Skype for Business Server along with the tools to help troubleshoot and solve problems in your environment.  Specialized scenarios and “In the field” experiences help arm the learner with the knowledge to fix issues quickly. 

Dieser Workshop richtet sich an IT Administratoren die sich Wissen über Skype for Business 2015 aneignen möchten und Vertraut mit Lync Server 2010 oder Lync Server 2013 sind.

Level 200
(Level Skala: 100= Strategisch/ 200= technischer Überblick/ 300=tiefe Fachkenntnisse/  400= technisches Expertenwissen)

Zur Anmeldung wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an Ihren Microsoft Technical Account Manager oder besuchen Sie uns im Web auf Microsoft Premier Education.