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Microsoft Premier Workshop: Office 365 Sharepoint Online: Administration and Configuration


Der dreitägige Workshop “Office 365 Sharepoint Online: Administration and Configuration“ vermittelt den Teilnehmer das Wissen, über die Administration und den Support von Office 365 SharePoint Online.

Fokus liegt auf folgende Bereiche:

  • Office 365 and SharePoint Online features, and platform capabilities

  • Office 365 SharePoint Online multi-tenant offering


Module 1: Introduction to Office 365

This module discusses:

• The overview of the service

• The subscription plans

• How to sign up for Office 365 for Enterprises

• Office 365 Management Interface

• User, Groups and Domains


Module 2: Introduction to SharePoint Online

This module is an overview of the SharePoint Online service. In addition, it covers the following:

• SharePoint Online Service description

• Plans

• Service details

• Supported client versions

• System requirements for SharePoint Online

• What’s new in SharePoint Online.


Module 3: Office 365 SharePoint Online Admin Center

This module introduces the SharePoint admin center. It provides an overview of all the SharePoint Online service applications, features, and settings used for SharePoint Online administration.


Module 4: SharePoint Online Management Shell

This module covers the use of the SharePoint Online Management Shell PowerShell module. Topics covered in this Module are typical management scenarios in which the SharePoint Online Management Shell can be used to configure and obtain information from a SharePoint Online tenant.


Module 5: Site Collection Administration

This module will:

• Provide an understanding of the different levels of administration — tenant, site collection, and site — within a SharePoint Online environment.

• Discuss site governance, site templates, storage and resource allocations and quotas, managing user access, security, and external user sharing.


Module 6: Social

This module explains important concepts of User Profile Management, Social features and My Sites. This module also introduces the use of Microsoft OneDrive for Business for synchronizing content between a user’s My Site and their PC. It also covers the concepts and topics related to the Enterprise version of Yammer.


Module 7: Data Loss Prevention

This module covers how to provision and utilize eDiscovery, a Record Center, and Information Rights Management for controlling specific types of rights, access, and discovery of content as part of an overall Data Loss Prevention solution in SharePoint Online.


Module 8: Apps

This module will:

• Introduce the new App model in SharePoint Online.

• Provide information on how to provision and use an App Catalog within a SharePoint Online tenant.

• Cover the concepts of the SharePoint Apps Store, SharePointhosted Apps, and Remote-hosted Apps.


Module 9: Search

This module covers the Search settings and features that are available in SharePoint Online such as Search Dictionaries, Authoritative Pages, Result Sources, and Query rules.


Der Workshop richtig sich an SharePoint Server Administratoren, die bereits mit SharePoint Server arbeiten und Know-Hows aufbauen wollen, wie SharePoint Server Online als Bestandteil von Office 365 for Enterprise administriert und konfiguriert werden kann. 


Level  200-300

(Level Skala: 100= Strategisch/ 200= technischer Überblick/ 300=tiefe Fachkenntnisse/  400= technisches Expertenwissen)


Zur Anmeldung wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an Ihren Microsoft Technical Account Manager oder besuchen Sie unseren Microsoft Services Blog