Our XBox One and Dell Venue Pro 8 winners announced!

Congratulations to our XBox One and Dell Venue Pro 8 Winners


If you've been following our Blog, LinkedIn or our Twitter posts, you'll know by now that we've been running a number of competitions to win some quality devices over the past while!

We'd already announced the winners of the competitions here through LinkedIn , so congratulations again to Iain McClure from Novosco and Elaine English from Brandon Consulting who both won a Toshiba WT310 each, as well as to Koen Wagenveld from Brandon Consulting, Richard Bell from Allsop consulting and Colin Meade from Treadstone Systems who each won a Dell Venue 8 Pro Device.

With the start of the week the close date for the original competition posted here though, we now get to announce the winners of the draw for the 2 XBox Ones as well as the last remaining Dell Venue Pro 8 devices. 

Congratulations then to Malcolm Houston from Meas Training & Consultancy and to Blaithin Surgeoner from Endeavour Information Systems, both of whom win an XBox One and to John Roche from ICT Services, Vanessa Redmond from Brandon Consulting, Stephen Crumley from Hostsure and Emer Kenny from Sysco, all 4 of whom win a Dell Venue Pro 8 device.

Hopefully that's a nice way to start the weekend!!!

Congratulations to all the winners again.

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  1. Brilliant news!!! Thanks Neil 🙂

  2. John Roche says:


  3. Noel Maguire says:

    Excellent stuff!

  4. Emer Kenny says:

    Nice one, Neil – thanks.

  5. Iain McClure says:

    Great, thanks Neil

  6. Malcolm Houston says:

    Excellent – good stuff – thanks

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