Exclusive Microsoft Partner Events in Belfast, Dublin and Cork (5th, 6th and 7th of November) – Register Now to Secure Your Place


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This year our theme is “Accelerating Growth, Together”. Join us for an engaging and interactive format that includes:


Keynote from international speaker and best-selling author Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly’s new book, “DO! The pursuit of xceptional execution” is the culmination of his life experiences, client work and keynote insights. He draws upon his extensive research to highlight what makes xceptional businesses and their leaders (the Xceptionalists”) succeed beyond all odds.


Interactive Breakout Sessions

  • Windows Azure and Infrastructure as a Service in SMB
  • Building a profitable productivity practice with the new Office
  • Windows 8.1, devices and mobility

(Attendees choose 2 from 3)


Generating sales through Linkedin

Barry Devon has been a consulting sales professional with some of the greatest, most innovative and disruptive tech companies of our time. His talk will focus on how a business should optimise its use of LinkedIn for sales.


Microsoft Business and Priorities Update

Getting the most from the Microsoft Partner Programme

Device Bar

Try out all of the latest Microsoft technology at our Device Bar in association with Microwarehouse and Westcoast Ireland.


Belfast Roadshow

The Belfast Roadshow will take place in the Hilton Hotel on November 5th. Register now to secure your place.

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Dublin Roadshow

The Dublin Roadshow will take place in the Marker Hotel on November 6th. Register now to secure your place.

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Cork Roadshow

The Cork Roadshow will take place in the Fota Hotel on November 7th. Register now to secure your place.

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Syndicate and win

Syndicate before November 1st and we'll enter you in to a draw to win a Windows 8 Device.

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Comments (3)

  1. Antonio says:

    I'm sorry but Fota Hotel was not a good choice.

    Difficult access, far from everything

    Next time try to choose a place in Cork City Centre.

  2. Antonio,

    Thanks for the feedback – always appreciate getting a better view on what works best for these events.

    Just for context – we had chosen Fota this time round based on feedback we'd received during the previous Cork event on why attendance numbers were quite low – the City Centre venue was actually called out as one of the reasons (we've typically run in the Clarion)

    However, we'll definitely review after this event to see if we return future events to the City Centre or if, based on attendee numbers, Cork is the most appropriate location for these events.

    Again – thanks for the feedback and welcome the debate from all on where works best for Microsoft Partner events.


  3. ccc says:

    hi can you give some information of this

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