Microsoft Ireland Partner of the Year Awards Announced

Earlier this evening, at our annual Irish Partner Awards dinner at Worldwide Partner Conference, we were extremely proud to announce the winners of our Partner of the Year awards. 

Congratulations to each of the winning Partners below for great work throughout FY13!


Ireland Country Partner of the Year - Ergo


Application Platform Partner of the Year - Spanish Point Technologies

Business Productivity Partner of the Year - Accenture

Cloud OS Partner of the Year - Auxilion

Cloud Partner of the Year (Enterprise) - Unity

Cloud Partner of the Year (SMB) - Itomic

Core Infrastructure Partner of the Year - Hibernia Evros

Dynamics Partner of the Year - Codec/Dss

Hosting Partner of the Year - Strencom

Large Account Reseller - SoftwareOne

Learning Partner of the Year - New Horizons

SMB Partner of the Year - Leaf

StartUp of the Year - Trustev



Congratulations again and already looking forward to who seeing who takes home next year's awards!!



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  1. Gratulations!!!!!!!!! excellent job indeed,Microsoft Ireland Partner of the Year Awards Announced
    Microsoft Partner Network Ireland.

  2. Hi Stuart –  the awards this year were hotly contested and unfortunately there can only be one winner in each category.

    Having said that, always keen to recognise the on-going innovation we're seeing on the Microsoft platform in our Partner Community.  We'd love to hear thoughts on the best way for us to share and recognise that innovation both within the Community and beyond!



  3. Trevor – more than fair comment!  

    Apologies for the silence but we've been reviewing what communication methods generate the most interaction and there hasn't been much activity on the Blog as a result of that (this is the only topic that's led to 2 way communications in a while).  

    However, if it's still a valuable vehicle we're open to the feedback and you'll see some more activity over the coming weeks.  If we see a trending of more interaction from that, we'll look at how we ensure more regular communications via the Blog!



  4. TeresaTO says:

    Thank you to Neal and all at Microsoft Ireland for their continued support of Unity Technology Solutions – we are delighted to be awarded Cloud Partner of the Year (Enterprise) at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 in Texas!

  5. No mention of the invation CMI where doing in the Windows Private Cloud arena. :/

  6. Trevor Gilliland says:

    What's going on @ Microsoft seems to be very little activity on here!!!

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