Irish Partner Community Calls – Last Friday of every month – what are you missing?

Tomorrow, Friday 26th April, sees the next monthly Irish Partner Community Call at 12:00 - we hope one of your team can make it.  If you haven't attended one, find out more below...

What is the Community Call about?

A new initiative from the start of this year, we've been running the calls on a monthly basis since January and any Irish Partner can attend.

Scheduled at 12:00 on the last Friday of every month, the call lasts no more than an hour and there's a very specific reason why we run them.  We want to make sure that each and every one of our Partners in Ireland, regardless of size, revenue or location, has a direct connection with the local team on a regular basis. 

We want to make sure that we have a platform to proactively share information we think is impactful or relevant without our Partners having to go and find it on their own.  We also want to make sure that our Partners have a platform to ask us anything (and we do mean anything) that's on their mind - whether it be positive feedback, specific concerns or outstanding issues that for some reason have yet to be resolved.

What have I missed from previous calls?

Rather than waffle on any more, have a look at the types of topics we have covered in the past calls by looking at the decks here.  Again, we want attendees to be able to ask whatever they want.  As a result, we will only share decks from these calls - we will not be recording any of the online sessions and discussions themselves. 

Typically, these calls are the very first place that we share a lot of this information. 



Currently we only have a small section of the community taking part in these calls but feedback from those that attend has been extremely positive. 


Again, the link for registration to tomorrow's call is here - if you can make it, join the call and give us your feedback!!!




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