Partner Cloud Business Transformation Training – Dublin & Belfast (limited places remaining)

Microsoft Ireland is pleased to invite you to the upcoming Cloud Business Model Transformation training; specifically designed to help your business embrace the opportunities around Microsoft Cloud Services. 

Belfast: Thursday, 15th Dec 2011 from  09:00 – 17:00 in the Hilton Hotel. For management or senior sales. Register Your Interest Now ( limited places remaining)

Dublin: Friday 16th Dec 2011 from 09:00 – 17:00 in the  Royal Marine. For management or senior sales. Register Your Interest Now (limited places remaining)

With Cloud Computing the IT industry is going through a significant transformation and there is one big question that many IT providers and Microsoft partners are asking “Is my business ready to capitalize on the opportunity?” Many Irish businesses (both at the Enterprise and SME level) are currently exploring the potential of cloud computing and what it can do for their business. At Microsoft Ireland we want to ensure that our channel is ready to accelerate this opportunity for as many of these customers as possible.

So as a Microsoft Partner how do you prepare your business to embrace this industry shift?

Adding a cloud practice to your business is a journey. It may impact all areas of your traditional operations and may encompass new thinking on how you deliver value propositions in services delivery, how you organize sales and marketing, how you finance and run operations, and how you compensate staff. We would like to therefore invite you to the Microsoft Business Model Transformation event. It is designed specifically for management roles or Senior Sales. The strategies and tactics shared during the day are born out of extensive primary and secondary research conducted by Microsoft and independent research organizations. The event will focus on the changing Sales and Marketing dynamics. Insights will be shared concerning those elements that influence profitability in the cloud environments. And throughout the day you will receive guidance on how to create an action plan for transition within your organization. These workshops will be delivered jointly by an external consultant and a Microsoft Cloud Sales Consultant.

Major topics covered include

•            The impact of cloud on business models

•            How to identify the opportunity

•            How to align your business value proposition

•            How to identify and create existing and new services

•            How to align and refine your marketing strategy and execution model

•            How to adapt and refine your sales strategy and sales compensation models

•            How to create a financial pro forma plan, quantifying the potential cloud opportunities based on your competencies

•            Microsoft Cloud Services Overview (Current product and service offerings)


The objective is to focus on providing information with respect to the impact of Cloud based offerings on the existing business models and operations. We would therefore like to recommend participation of senior management. You can subscribe for this event if you are as an individual associated to a Company registered in the Microsoft Partner Program. Once you register your interest (here) you will receive a calendar reminder for either the Dublin or Belfast training.

Many thanks,

The Partner team.

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