ASP.NET/PHP on the Microsoft Web Platform Event in Ireland

For anyone who is supporting PHP on IIS or Azure, then we have an event for you!

image004The newest addition to the DPE Ireland is Josh Holmes. Josh is a noted speaker world-wide on the topic of competitive technologies like PHP running on the Windows platform. What better way to introduce Josh as the newest employee than to throw an event an put him on stage! One of the reasons that we’re throwing this event when we are is that we have Ryan Ozimek from the Joomla guardians Open Source Matters, coming over to help Josh reprise and enhance the WebMatrix US launch event.


Web development is continually evolving on the Microsoft Web Platform. This evolution has brought fantastic new features and functionality such as the new Razor syntax and ASP.NET MVC 3 on the ASP.NET side and WinCache and FastCGI on the PHP side. And great new tools such as WebMatrix and the Web Platform Installer make it exceedingly simple to download, customize and deploy many of the top OSS applications, such as DotNetNuke for ASP.NET and Joomla! for PHP, on Windows.

Amongst the speakers at this developer evening are Josh Holmes, the brand new Architect Evangelist for Ireland, and Ryan Ozimek, president of Open Source Matters which is the non-profit that takes care of Joomla!.

Join us for an evening diving into how web development is evolving on the Microsoft Web Platform. We’ll start with an overview of the entire platform and the recent flood of announcements. Then we’ll dive deep into the individual topics of the new ASP.NET Razor syntax, ASP.NET MVC3 and PHP on Windows.
Whether you are doing ASP.NET or PHP, whether you have years of experience with web development or are just getting started you’ll find just the right flavor of web development for you.

Date: February 8th, 2011. 6.30pm-8.30pm (registration from 6pm)image005


The Westin Hotel

35 – 39 Westmoreland Street
Dublin 2
Map: Click here for a map

Please join us for this event by registering online.

The talks will wrap-up after two hours, giving attendees plenty of time to have a drink and some food whilst networking or playing around with some of the latest Microsoft gadgets.


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