How to plan a trip on your Surface


If you’re planning a trip this holiday season, your Windows 10-powered Surface can make the planning process more fun and collaborative. Get the most out of your vacation with these tips for selecting a destination, planning your itinerary, booking flights and accommodation.


First, decide on a place to go. Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 is your gateway to the world, where you can find detailed information about possible destinations and also share your findings with family, friends or business associates with ease. And Edge is the only browser that lets you write on web pages.

Let’s look at Rome as a travel destination. After typing in “Rome travel” into Edge, you can pull up Rome, Italy on the TripAdvisor website. Here, you can find photos, maps, points of interest, facts, weather and more about the city.

To add notes, highlight and share this with friends, go into Web Note mode by tapping on the pen-and-paper icon on the top right side. You can also add notes directly to the web page, by typing or using your Surface Pen, and then save your marked-up page to OneDrive by tapping the Save icon or share it with fellow travellers by clicking the Share icon.


Booking travel

Booking flights and accommodations on your Surface is as easy as browsing your favourite travel websites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Hipmunk or Kayak.

There are also travel apps specifically designed to work with your Windows tablet such, as the free TripAdvisor app updated for Windows 10. Not only does it allow you to book travel, you can also browse millions of reviews, videos and photos from other travellers, explore restaurants at your destination and discover fun things to do.


At your destination

Prepare for your visit by downloading maps for your travel destination to have them available even when you’re offline. The Windows 10 Maps app helps you find places and navigate your way around with turn-by-turn drive, transit and walking directions.

And if you like travel guides, download Tripwolf (free). The app shows recommendations from travel-guide bestsellers like Fodor’s for more than 500 destinations worldwide, and allows you to create a personal itinerary with the built-in trip planner.


If heading to a country where you don’t speak the native language, install the free Translator app on your Surface before you go. Once at your destination, just point your Surface camera at signs, menus, newspapers or any printed text in 19 different languages, and the app will instantly translate it. You can even hear spoken translations of text.

How else does Surface help you travel? Let us know on Twitter via @Surface and use the hashtag #Surface.

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