[Video] Female coders on the rise in the Middle East and Africa

Imagining, inventing, building, creating, solving.


It’s one of the most valuable skills you can learn today. More and more new career paths are emerging that require an understanding of coding.

Sadly, careers in tech are still disproportionately filled. For many young girls, learning to code wasn’t an option – either because they were encouraged to pursue more of what is considered a ‘feminine’ career or they didn’t have the education or resources. Or perhaps they simply weren’t interested in it because they didn’t know what it entailed.

This is changing.

Across the Middle East and Africa, young women are starting to see how coding can help them fulfil their potential. How learning to code could be a step towards their dream job. And how – despite what they may have once thought – they are really good at it! This is a trend Microsoft is committed to supporting, until “a coder” is not “a he” anymore.

Watch this video, where we asked young female coders to tell us about their experiences learning to code and tell us how you’re changing things by making what’s next: #makewhatsnext!

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