How Internet Explorer 11 boosts your business

By the IT Guy 

 If you’re a business, large or small, and you’re still using an old version of Internet Explorer (IE), then it’s Captain Boost to the rescue. Well, really it’s just me – the IT Guy – but I feel like a superhero since I’ve upgraded to IE 11.

Why you need to upgrade now
“What’s all the fuss about?” I hear you asking. Firstly, IE 11 is the only version of the Internet Explorer that is receiving technical support and security updates, but there are so many more reasons for you to make the switch.
IE 11 is the fastest, most secure, enterprise-grade browser, which is backwards compatible and supports modern web technologies. Let me explain what that means for your business.

The fastest browser experience ever
In business, time equals money. Those web apps that ran slowly on IE 8 have been given a boost with IE 11’s improvements in JavaScript performance, network optimisation and hardware-accelerated text and JPEG rendering. Basically, that means no more time wasted waiting for apps and websites to load.

 Unmatched security features
Speed means nothing if your system isn’t secure. Independent security firm NSS Labs has reported that IE 11 blocks 99% of malware, which is a huge leap from the 85% blocked on IE 8. There are also security features like SmartScreen and Enhanced Protected Mode to ensure your business is protected.

Compatible with the old, ready to take on the new
So, it’s fast and secure, but what else does IE 11 do? While the browser uses modern web technologies like HTML5 to get the most out of today’s websites, it’s also backwards compatible. In simple terms, IE 11 is compatible with websites optimised for older versions of IE. 

That means you and your employees will have no problem making the transition and continuing with business as usual. It’s also a great first step towards migrating to Windows 10. If you upgrade to IE 11 while you’re still working on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, it will be old hat once you make the move.

Upgrading is easy
With all these great features and benefits, all that’s left is for you to upgrade your business to IE 11. The good news is that according to a study by Forrester Consulting, nearly half of IT professionals surveyed found they upgrade easier than previous browser upgrades.
It really is easy. If you haven’t turned on Automatic Updates, click on the “Check for Updates” button on the Windows Update section of the Control Panel in your Windows operating system. You’ll soon be the superhero of your own business and Captain Boost will be out of a job.

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