Oman set to transform its education sector with Windows 10

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At Microsoft we believe that people can do remarkable things when technology is in reach. This is never more so than at school, where technology can empower educators to create learning environments that nurtures students’ passions enabling them to achieve beyond their greatest imaginations.

With this in mind, we are committed to improving education around the world and particularly in the Middle East using our technology solutions. That’s why we are working closely with the Ministry of Education in Oman to launch Windows 10 in all public schools around the Sultanate.

At the launch event on 13 December, His Excellency Dr Hamoud Bin Khalfan Bin Mohammed Al Harthy, Undersecretary for Education and Curricula, Ministry of Education, commented how closely Oman’s education mission aligns to our own.

The Ministry of Education’s goal is to align basic learning in schools with the needs of employers to serve the general interests of the economy. Technology plays an important role here, so His Excellency pointed out how necessary it is for the Sultanate to work with Microsoft in transforming its education sector.

Creating new ways to teach and learn
We have already seen the impact of Windows 10 in our pilot school, Shamsa Al Khaliliya School – Al Khuwair. The school received a full migration to our latest solutions and devices.

It has been clear that Windows 10 helps educators and students create and share in entirely new ways. By giving educators the flexibility to teach their students, track their progress and instantly adjust, students are enabled to learn in a way that suits them and makes learning more personal and productive.

Following the success of this pilot project, all public schools around the Sultanate will now receive Windows 10 solutions and devices, as well as Office 2016 upgrades.

While we take heed of the fact that technology can never replace great teaching, we believe it is essential that schools have access to the right tools to help drive the most effective learning. Beyond that, students who become familiar with this technology at school level, and gain immersive and inclusive learning experiences stimulating communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity, are well equipped for future roles in the workplace.

It comes as no surprise that we believe technology has the potential to help transform teaching and learning. So we are excited to work with Oman’s Ministry of Education, which clearly shares our view. We look forward to what we predict will be positive outcomes as a result of our partnership.

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    At Microsoft we believe that people can do remarkable things when technology is in reach. This is never

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