Unlock skills for the modern workplace using the 5 C’s

By: Mark Chaban Area Director of Education for Microsoft Middle East & Africa I was recently at the BETT Education forum in Abu Dhabi, and top of everyone’s minds was how the business world is changing due to mobile technology. With businesses focusing less on the organisation itself, and more on its people, students preparing for the…


Make going back to class fun with OneNote

Performing well at school can sometimes be a bit of challenge, but what about for those with learning disabilities like dyslexia? To assist those with learning disabilities, Microsoft is introducing Learning Tools for OneNote – a toolbar designed specifically to improve reading and writing experiences for all students, including for those who experience learning challenges….


Students learn coding skills in a fun environment with Minecraft tutorial

By Editorial team  Learning how to use and innovate with technology are essential skills for today’s youth, giving them the power to drive growth and opportunity for themselves and their communities. That’s why Microsoft has partnered with Code.org for Hour of Code. Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Microsoft Education, recently made the announcement here. Hour…


Rwandan entrepreneur pioneers One Laptop Per Teacher program

“We can’t teach tomorrow’s children the way we taught yesterday.” Her father was a mathematician. Her mother was a teacher and member of the Ministry of Education for over 10 years. And now Nadia Uwamahoro, co-founder of GiraICT, is making her mark on local education. Her goal? To put computing devices into the hands of…


Three trends impacting education policy across the Middle East and Africa

By Heba Ramzy, Director, Corporate Affairs at Microsoft Although schools around the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region are only just coming to the end of the academic year, many governments have been taking stock for much longer and considering what is required to ensure positive learning outcomes when the new year begins. From the…


Why teachers are key in transforming education through technology

Why teachers are key in transforming education through technology The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge – Seymour Papert Did you know that this quote was first said way back in 1993? With today’s increasing use of technology in the classroom and drive for innovation…


Soft skills and good teachers are just as important as tech in the classroom

Posted by Editorial Team Technology is clearing the way for better and more effective education solutions. But it can’t replace the ‘essentials’ of good education. This was the focus of Area Director of Education for Microsoft Middle East and Africa, Mark Chaban, when he attended the Innovation Africa summit in Uganda. With almost 200 million…


Egyptian teachers ready to embrace ICT in the classroom

Posted by the Editorial Team Mark East, General Manager Operations – Microsoft WW Education, recently visited Egypt to meet with government and school leaders to discuss the future of education in the country, and how to solve some of the current challenges. During his visit, Mark was encouraged by several examples of how educators are…


Education, innovation and collaboration: ONE DROP and Microsoft share sustainability message

The world’s population has tripled over the last century, while water use has multiplied by seven. In Africa alone, there are 358 million people who don’t have access to water. However, simply providing access to water is not the end game. To achieve long-term sustainability, the first step is collaboration and creativity in order to…


Millions of African Students Vie for Tomorrow’s Jobs Today, thanks to Office 365 ProPlus

Posted by Warren H. A. La Fleur, Regional Manager, Education Industry for Microsoft West, East, Central Africa & Indian Ocean Islands Across the African continent, growing evidence suggests that learning by using technology is essential to deliver good academic results and to supply a tech savvy work force pool, according to The eLearning Africa Report…