Take a look at Office 365 Enterprise’s new capabilities

Office 365 Enterprise now has three new features, offering our customers increased collaboration, data analysis and security. We have created a test drive demo allowing you to experience the new features without having to install it on your machine: https://aka.ms/testenterprise

Meeting Scheduling

So what are these new features and how will they make your life easier:

  1. Modern Collaboration:

Harness the cloud to collaborate from anywhere at any time.

  • Collaborative meetings - You can now easily schedule Skype meetings straight from Outlook. You can also collaborate with internal team members and external stakeholders face-to-face from anywhere, at any time, and you can make the most of your Skype meetings by collaborating on documents in real-time without leaving the application.
  • Skype meeting broadcast: you can broadcast your Skype Meeting to thousands of people - live or on demand. You can easily manage attendee access and invite your teams to join the Shttps://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/microsoft_on_the_issues_africa/wp-admin/post.php?post=3825&action=editkype Meeting Broadcast using any device. You can also empower attendees to interact live in Skype Meeting Broadcast with Yammer conversations, through Bing Pulse to track sentiment, or a Question & Answer Manager.
  • Cloud PBX - IT administrators can use the Office 365 administrator portal as a central location to manage all the communication capabilities for new employees who don’t have a phone number assigned. With Office 365 Cloud PBX, you can simplify your infrastructure by eliminating separate PBX systems. Which would help you reduce costs associated with maintenance and outdated infrastructure
  1. Personalized Insight

Let your data tell its story with Power BI and delve analytics.

  • Power BI Pro lets you easily and quickly connect to your data with pre-built dashboards and reports for popular services, connect live to data in Excel, on your servers or on any online platform, and create visually impactful, interactive reports with Power BI pro (online or on your desktop). Live dashboards provide a 360º view of your business, regardless of whether your data is on-premises or in the cloud. Expand your analysis from dashboard to underlying reports where you can further explore your data and discover new insights. Power BI pro is available on any device (smartphone or PC) making your analysis available to you even when you are on the move.
  • Delve analytics lets you visually display how you're spending your time at work. Using information from Office 365 and your emailing habits you can receive actionable insights on the effectiveness of your meetings based on a multitude of variables such as attendees, length of a meeting, and multitasking during the meeting. You can also learn how others consume your emails based on the read rate, response speed, and forwards. you can also be advised when the length of a meeting can be improved and who would be relevant attendees . Finally, you can set goals for how you want to spend your time and receive weekly updates straight to your inbox.
  1. People Centric Compliance:

Help protect your organization with advanced security and compliance tools.

  • Advanced Threat Protection offers extended protection through a series of features that help protect against unknown malware and viruses and provide better zero-day protection to safeguard your messaging system. Administrators can see when malware was detected in email sent to their team. Manage the settings for your organization through Safe Link policies to help protect against malicious URLs. You can also gain critical insights into who is being targeted in your organization, the types of attacks you are facing, and investigate messages that have been blocked due to an unknown virus or malware.
  • Advanced eDiscovery tools in the Office 365 Compliance Centre allow you to quickly analyse and identify relevant data. Using advanced text analytics to perform multi-dimensional analysis of unstructured data collections, Advanced eDiscovery intelligently isolates unique data by grouping near-duplicates, email threads, and themes. Train the system to distinguish between relevant and non-relevant documents. Once the initial training is complete, Advanced eDiscovery can apply a relevance score to all other documents in the data set being examined.

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