Teachers do great things with a little help from technology

Renin Canbolat, Windows Commercial Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Turkey

One of the best ways to maintain high educational standards is to ensure that we have high quality teachers in our classrooms – teachers who understand how to use technological tools and training to achieve optimal outcomes. That’s why at Microsoft Turkey we aim to empower teachers with our technologies and solutions.

Throughout the year, we have worked closely with the education sector, with one highlight being the Microsoft Education Solutions Event in Istanbul, which launched Windows 10 and Office 2016 in Education to a total of 225 attending teachers.

Technological success stories in the classroom

Following this launch, there have been so many wonderful success stories of teachers who do great things, which is why we wanted to celebrate them on National Teachers’ Day. We are also calling on other teachers from Turkey to share their success stories.

With the aim of recognising successful teachers using technology, and inspiring others to do the same, we launched the “Teachers Who Do Great Things” digital campaign on 24 November, to coincide with National Teachers’ Day in Turkey. Two of our hero teachers doing great things are Hasan Er, a preschool teacher in Aydin’s Demirhan village, and Tolga Karaman, a teacher candidate in Amasya.

Hasan joined Microsoft’s “Bilenler Bilmeyenelere Bilgisayar Ögretiyor” program a couple of years ago. In the village school where he works, he also uses computer-based training techniques and enables a more fun and interactive learning environment for his pre-school students who see a computer first time in their lives.

Tolga joined Microsoft’s “Social Media Literacy” training program while he was a student at college and it helped him a lot to build his confidence for teaching technology. He has delivered trainings on various Microsoft technologies to more than 800 people including children, housewives and disabled people in his town.

Celebrating teachers

Hasan and Tolga were among 109 teachers from various schools and universities who we invited to attend our Teacher’s Day Celebration Event in Istanbul on 28 November. They all had the opportunity to join a free training session on how to use Microsoft’s various education solutions, as well as learn about our Educator Programs.

We are committed to the education sector in Turkey and across the Middle East and Africa. We plan to continue our efforts to empower teachers and students with our technology to help them do great things that advance people’s lives in the region.

If you believe you are a teacher in Turkey with a success story to tell, or you know of a hero teacher whose story you’d like to share, now’s the time to tell us about it by visiting our microsite before 31 December. We will select the five teachers with the most powerful stories, visit them at their schools and award them and their students with free technology training.

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