Celebrating learning without borders through Microsoft’s Skype-a-thon

By Editorial Team

Last year we celebrated learning without borders with a Global Education Skype-a-thon which is a 2-day event aimed at connecting classrooms around the world to showcase how technology can be used to enhance the learning experience.

In a world that is increasingly becoming economically, politically and culturally fractured, the ability to unite students across the globe to celebrate and embrace learning has never been more important. Today, teachers not only have a duty to teach skills and impart knowledge to their students but they must also play a key role in developing students into global citizens to enable them to succeed and make a positive impact in an increasingly complex society.

Because Microsoft believes that a powerful way to learn is from each other, a total of four schools from Africa and the Middle East, including Kenya, South Africa, Egypt and Turkey as well as many others around the world were selected to participate in this one-of-a-kind event, where students and educators were empowered to do just that.

During their 3 million virtual mile journey across the world, students and educators were able to connect with each other in fun and creative ways to learn about different cultures and gain invaluable insights into countries all over the world. Have a look at the pictures below to see how the Skype-a-thon gave these schools in the Middle East and Africa the opportunity to discover their place in the global community.

South Africa - Brescia House School 

Brescia House School students in South Africa participating in the Skype-a-thon.  

Brescia House School students singing the South African National Anthem: “Nkosi sikelele iAfrika”

Brescia House School students sharing South African national heritage symbols.

Egypt - Port Said International School

Students from Port Said international School in Egypt sharing their traditional clothes and heritage symbols while participating in the Skype-a-thon.

Students from Port Said International School in Egypt learning about the importance of speaking English to communicate with the rest of the world in order to become true global citizens.

Kenya - The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa 

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Kipkemoi Serem, preparing grade 12 learners for the Skype-a-thon at one of the school’s computer labs.

Grade 12 learners at Aga Khan Academy keenly listening to a talk about the role of Windows 10 in smart homes.

Turkey - Vision College 

Grade 9 and 10 students from Vision College in Turkey displaying how many virtual miles they travelled during the Skype-a-thon. 

Students from Vision College in Turkey celebrating learning without borders in the global Skype-a-thon. 

The Skype-a-thon is a perfect demonstration of how today's students are gaining the perspectives, insights and empathy needed to create a better world while also building critical skills for the modern, global workplace. It shows just how powerful technology can be in breaking down walls and promoting learning across borders. To read more about the Skype -a-thon click here

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