Get ready to experience affordable Microsoft productivity software with the UmiTab 10.1

One thing everybody wants is a great performing device coupled with an operating system that gives them the best tools for work and play.

That’s why we’re excited that Ghanaian company, Zepto Limited, has launched the UmiTab 10.1 2-in-1 Tablet Computer. The UmiTab 10.1 is an affordable option for users in Ghana wanting a versatile device with long battery life and top quality software. Retailing at 999 Ghc, it comes with the full Microsoft productivity offering – Windows 10, Office 365 Mobile and 1TB OneDrive access free for a year.

That means when you purchase the UmiTab 10.1, you’re joining a community of more than 200 million monthly active users running Windows 10 on their devices. We’re proud to say that it’s our most secure Windows ever, kept up-to-date automatically with innovations and security updates. You also get built-in, enterprise-grade security, which allows you to replace passwords with more secure options, protect your data and identity and run only the software you trust.

With the affordability of the UmiTab 10.1, coupled with International Data Corporation (IDC) findings that one in three people using illegal software will likely encounter malware, often leading to loss of data and identity theft, there’s really no excuse not to be using genuine software that puts your data security first.
To purchase the UmiTab 10.1, shop online at Jumia or Tisu. For more information, visit

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