We’re listening to make Windows 10 better for you

By: Rotimi Olumide

Customers are at the heart of any organisation’s success. That’s why at Microsoft we really focused on what you had to say to develope and release Windows 10. It’s important to us that the products we create give you what you need to have the best experience whether in work or play... so we’re listening.

The first part of the listening process comes in the form of the Windows Insider Program. We call on people like you to help us shape the future of Windows and collaborate with us to improve its features and functionality. The program is aimed at enthusiasts who enjoy beta testing and sharing their feedback on new software and their experience using it. Even though we’ve launched Windows 10, we’re still working with our testers as we continue to update and develop the operating system to make sure it keeps evolving to meet your needs.

One of the needs that we heard loud and clear was your call to be able to use organisation-controlled identities with the Windows Store. For those who don’t know, this means that in Windows 10, as an IT administrator you can access a new web-based Store portal specifically for organisations. Then you can buy apps relevant to your business and assign them to employees who simply need to click on a link to install them. The idea is that your business has a more controlled and customisable experience matching your unique needs and making it easier to acquire, create and deliver apps the way you want.

Whether at an enterprise of private level, our focus with Windows 10 is to put you at the centre. We’ve heard you telling us you want to be in control of your content, privacy and experience, and we’ve worked to ensure that our technology enhances this.

We’re excited to continue on this journey with you. If you haven’t already, don’t forget that you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Let’s continue to forge a new relationship as we take what you say to heart.

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