Soft skills and good teachers are just as important as tech in the classroom

Posted by Editorial Team

Technology is clearing the way for better and more effective education solutions. But it can’t replace the ‘essentials’ of good education. This was the focus of Area Director of Education for Microsoft Middle East and Africa, Mark Chaban, when he attended the Innovation Africa summit in Uganda.

With almost 200 million youth living in Africa, Chaban believes we need to strike a balance between upskilling students for the 21st century workplace, while also equipping them with essential soft skills. This is where the role of the teacher is more vital than ever before.

By bringing technology into the classroom and using it to teach more effectively, we will be a step closer to matching skills – both hard and soft – that the labour market is looking for.

Click here to read Mark's blog.

Comments (2)

  1. Jack kevin says:

    Another thing I discover many Teachers lack is actually the ability to instruct college students regarding copyright and proper quotation — a remarkably critical talent whenever college students tend to be regularly submitting towards world-wide-web.

  2. Victor says:

    Teachers are the real role model for students. Because they spend lots of time with teachers. So the soft skills of the teachers gives a big impact among students. Thanks for sharing.

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